DIY Credit Repair Letter Package


DIY Credit Repair Letters


In this pack of letters, you can remove items, such as charge-offs, collections, hard inquires, late payments, and many other negative items.

The DIY Credit Repair Letter package includes 15 customizable letters that you can use to dispute delinquent accounts on your credit report with the three major credit bureaus. Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you are now entitled to include negative information that is inaccurate or too old on your credit reports. Sending these letters gives you the opportunity to clean up your credit reports so that they accurately reflect your history.

Here are all the letters that are included in this pack:

  1. Remove Incorrect Information
  2. Round 1 Dispute Letter
  3. Round 2 Letter – Method of Verification
  4. Demand to Comply with an Investigation Request
  5. Round 2 – Follow Up Credit Dispute Letter (ALT)
  6. Round 2 Letter – If Credit Bureaus Don’t Respond in 30 days
  7. Round 2 Letter – If Credit Bureaus Don’t Respond in 60 Days
  8. Accusation Of Credit Repair Letter
  9. Frivolous Dispute Response Letter
  10. Collections Verification Letter
  11. Connections Validation of Debt – No Response
  12. Collections Unable to Validate Letter
  13. Collections Pay for Delete
  14. Late Payment Goodwill Letter
  15. Hard Inquire Letter
  16. Resources Page


DISCLAIMER: Copyright Naam Wynn 2019-2022© Nothing on this letter packer constitutes legal advice. I do not have a credit repair law firm. This is a self help DIY credit repair only. By purchasing this item, you agree to our terms. Seek a qualified attorney if you need legal advice

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