DIY Collections Letter Kit

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DIY Collections Letter Kit


Introducing the Comprehensive DIY Collections Removal Template Bundle, designed to help you tackle various types of collection accounts on your credit report.

*****You can get all the letters and get live help HERE.*****

Please note that these letters are also included in the DIY Credit Repair Letter Package

Our DIY Collections Removal Template Bundle features 6 highly effective, customizable letters, giving you the tools you need to dispute negative accounts and take charge of your financial well-being. Simply download, customize, and send or print the letters to begin your journey towards better credit.

The following impactful letters are included in this pack:

  1. Remove Incorrect Information
  2. Round 1 Dispute Letter
  3. Collections Verification Letter
  4. Collections Validation of Debt – No Response
  5. Collections Unable to Validate Letter
  6. Collections Pay-for-Delete
  7. Resources Page

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to regain control of your credit report – download the DIY Collections Removal Template Bundle today!


DISCLAIMERCopyright Naam Wynn 2019-2023© Nothing on this letter packer constitutes legal advice. I do not have a credit repair law firm. This is a self help DIY credit repair only. By purchasing this item, you agree to our terms. Seek a qualified attorney if you need legal advice.

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