DIY Collections Letter Kit


DIY Collections Letter Kit


*These letters are also in the DIY Credit Repair Letter Package*

The DIY Collections Letter Kit contains 6 letters that you can customize to dispute different types of collection accounts. The letters will be an important part of your first steps in disputing these negative accounts. Just download the letter and send or print them out.

Here are all the letters that are included in this pack:

  1. Remove Incorrection Information
  2. Round 1 Dispute Letter
  3. Collections Verification Letter
  4. Collections Validation of Debt – No Response
  5. Collections Unable to Validate Letter
  6. Collections Pay for Delete
  7. Resources Page

DISCLAIMER: Copyright Naam Wynn 2019-2022© Nothing on this letter packer constitutes legal advice. I do not have a credit repair law firm. This is a self help DIY credit repair only. By purchasing this item, you agree to our terms. Seek a qualified attorney if you need legal advice.

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. There are no refunds available.

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