CreditRehab Pro : The ULTIMATE Credit Repair System!

Ready to fix up your credit score? Need a buddy to help you do it? Tried before but got stuck? Well, your new best friend is here, meet CreditRehab Pro!

We’re super pumped to introduce you to CreditRehab Pro, an easy-peasy credit repair software. It’s like a magic toolbox for all your credit problems! With CreditRehab Pro, you won’t be left scratching your head about what to do next. Our software guides you every step of the way.

Whether you’ve had bumps in your credit road before, or you just want to make sure you don’t hit any potholes in the future, CreditRehab Pro is here to help! With our software, you can boost your credit score all by yourself. It’s as simple as ABC!

You don’t need to sign up with each credit bureau. CreditRehab Pro brings all three to you! Our smart tools and innovative AI tech help you find and dispute the accounts that are messing with your credit.

And the best part? You can dispute as many accounts as you want. CreditRehab Pro even helps you write professional letters to make your disputes better.

Every month, our software will show you your new credit report and scores from all three bureaus. We’ll tell you which bad accounts were removed. If some weren’t removed, CreditRehab Pro will help you figure out what to do next.

So, are you ready to take control of your credit? Hop on the CreditRehab Pro train today and let’s fix your credit together!

What comes with your CreditRehab Pro subscription:

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Case Studies

Success Spotlight: Client #1’s Impressive Credit Revival

Before: Client #1 faced an overwhelming 63 negative items across all three major credit bureaus, along with 7 hard inquiries impacting his credit health.

After Just 1 Month of Using CreditRehab Pro:

  • 15 negative items effectively cleared from his credit reports.
  • Remarkable credit score improvements:
    • TransUnion: Boosted by 32 points
    • Experian: Elevated by 88 points
    • Equifax: Uplifted by 77 points

With CreditRehab Pro, real results and a renewed financial confidence are just around the corner!

Success Spotlight: Client #2’s Credit Transformation

Before: Client #2 was burdened with a total of 15 negative items across all three major credit bureaus.

After Just 1 Month of Using CreditRehab Pro:

  • 6 collection accounts successfully removed from his credit report.
  • Demonstrated a clear path to continued credit improvement.

This is just the beginning. With CreditRehab Pro, the journey towards a brighter financial future is well within reach!

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Everyone’s credit is different. Some accounts may be deleted with your first dispute letter. Some accounts can require three to four rounds of disputes over three to four months. Some accounts will comply with accuracy requirements and remain on your credit report until they fall off in seven years.

For those who have a good credit history, removing negative accounts is more likely to result in a better credit score. For those with little to no positive credit, deleting negative accounts may not immediately result in a better credit score. However, it can make it easier to build good credit much faster.

If you’ve already disputed an account online without success, disputing an account again with physical letters using CreditRehab Pro does not create any problems. When you switch to physical letters with CreditRehab Pro, be sure to not dispute your accounts online again.

Online disputes can be effective but have some drawbacks. There’s no paper trail if you need to escalate your dispute. Physical dispute letters are still the preferred method for sending the most effective disputes.

It’s possible to experience a drop in your credit score if an older account is deleted. Your credit history makes up 15% of your overall credit score and deleting an account that you’ve had for a long time, even if it’s negative, can result in lowering your average account age.

Your CreditRehab Pro account is free. When using CreditRehab Pro to create and send dispute letters, you only pay for your 3 bureau credit report & score subscription (if you choose to link your 3 bureau credit reports through one of our credit monitoring partners) and for stamps to mail your dispute letters.

No. Sending multiple disputes on an account at the same time can create confusion with the credit bureaus. It may result in the credit bureau labeling the disputes frivolous and refusing to review your account. Also, The Fair Credit Reporting Act permits the credit bureaus and the creditor to discard disputes from credit repair companies. They cannot discard dispute letters sent by you.

CreditRehab Pro requires a complete three bureau credit report so you can dispute accounts and track your results with all three credit bureaus all at once in one online account. Credit Karma and other free credit reports only offer one or two credit reports and don’t export their credit data in digital format to CreditRehab Pro.

You can cancel your credit monitoring membership online at anytime by logging into your credit monitoring account and choosing the option to cancel, which can be found in the account details section of your credit monitoring account.