D.I.Y Credit Repair Master Class


D.I.Y Credit Repair Master Class

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  • ✅ Everything there is to know about credit. You need to learn the rules to use them to your advantage.
  • ✅ What are the most common issues that are messing up your credit.
  • ✅ How to use the law to repair your credit like a lawyer. You will learn which laws that all creditors and debt collection agencies must abide by.
  • ✅ How to get your credit report for FREE! Then how to review your report like a PRO.
  • ✅ A complete breakdown of how disputing works, and what you must know beforehand.
  • ✅ A step-by-step guide on how to dispute: hard inquires, collections, late payments, bankruptcies, and other public record delinquencies.
  • ✅ Everything about tradelines and what you must know.
  • ✅ ALL the letters I use professionally to get my client results!


  • ✅ People who actively trying to improve their credit score and financial outlook
  • ✅ People who want a step-by-step process to get results (save time and headache from what works and doesn’t)
  • ✅ People who have at least 15 minutes a month to review result and respond to credit bureaus (Possibly less
  • ✅ People who want to save time and money by repairing their own credit, rather than getting string along by other companies. Most clients stay with companies 8-12+ months ($800-$1200+)


  • ❌ People looking for overnight results (hint hint: this doesn’t exist — at least legally)
  • ❌ People not willing to put in the work – credit repair takes time and persistence, but without this course, you’re going to need to quadruple your outlined allotment of both
  • ❌ People whose financial freedom isn’t a priority (maybe you don’t care about being able to invest, purchase, and feel in control of your money rather than money controlling you)
  • ❌ People who don’t care about building their wealth (a concept that seems so far away, but with this course, wealth-building is a natural outcome)

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. There are no refunds available. Once purchased you will be provided login information within 24 hours. For instant access please visit the course tab at the top of the page.